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Because Every Child Has the Right to Get Basic Needs.....

We work on the ground level, not all charities do.

We ask for Basic Education, Healthcare and Shelter for all the children. 

Community Schools Project

As a developing country, people in Nepal has very limited resource and facility for even basic education. This is more serious when it comes to people living in remote villages of Nepal where schools are very limited or none. To help these poor children and families, we have started this life changing but long-term project (Community Schools Project). 

A small contribution could change the life of a child. Now we need your help to accomplish these challenging long-term goals. Please DONATE today.

Give a child a hope, get involved today. Your support will help us to give education, reduce child poverty and provide better care to forgotten children.

Education, Better Healthcare and Shelter for all the children. No child should live in poverty and prevented from getting education and other basic needs.


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