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Children With Disability Program

Huge barriers to education and healthcare for children with disabilities in developing countries.

Based on the governments’ conservative figure from recent analysis, there are at least 30 million children with disabilities in South Asia itself. Most of these children are prevented from getting education and basic healthcare even from government including assistive equipment support.

Disable children normally face discrimination from other children and/or parents so they are less encouraged to go to the school or participate in other programs and activities. Some disabled children and their parents even told that they were subjected to beating and harassment by teachers, fellow classmates and parents.


Most of the disabled children have mobility problem so without assistance they can’t even perform their day-to-day activities like eating, walking. It means they are highly dependent in their family members but already very low income household can’t afford this extra cost.   

Problems and Barriers
Everyone faces hardships and difficulties at one time or other but for children with disabilities, barriers can be more frequent and have greater impact (especially in developing countries like Nepal where getting support is very rare).

·       A physical environment that is not accessible

·       Lack of relevant assistive technology (assistive, adaptive or rehabilitative devices)

·       Negative attitude of people towards disability

·       Lack of proper healthcare service

·       Prevented from education


How we are helping
Children in Need Foundation is helping to those disabled children, where possible, using available resources:

·       providing assistive technology and equipment support based on their needs,
·       encouraging and facilitating them to go to the school,
·       conducting awareness campaigns to reduce discrimination against disabled children,
·       training and support to parents of children with disabilities,

Support us – your small help could make a big difference to a children with disability.




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