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Project - Community Schools in Remote Villages of Nepal

This small video and some pictures can tell more than words. How people are suffering there in remote villages  of Nepal?


As a developing country, people in Nepal has very limited resource and facility for even basic education. This is more serious when it comes to people living in remote villages of Nepal where schools are very limited or none. To help these poor children and families, we have started this life changing but long-term project (Community Schools Project). 


Facts and Problems

Nepal is a beautiful country surrounded by hills and mountains. But for locals and mainly children in remote areas, it is very difficult to carry out their daily activities. For example, children have to walk long way to go to school (if any in their village/district) or even hauling themselves across fast-flowing rivers, by cable ropeways, wire bridges or even using motor vehicle tyre, on daily basis.


It might be one of the world’s most dangerous schools run where children have to use the cables to haul themselves over the churning waters and walk more than an hour (each way) to reach school and come back.


In most remote parts of Nepal, children cannot go to the school because there is no school in their village (or neighbouring villages) or they have to walk very long way to reach school.   


More than 100,000 school age children, in remote Nepal, are out of school because there is no school to go.



Community schools in remote villages covering nearby locals could be a solution. This will include opening a new school and/or expanding existing school with more capacity and higher level. This is very challenging project but something must be done for these children’s future who are living in poverty without education.


What we are doing

Children In Need Foundation is running this community school project and raising funds to establish community schools and also working with small local schools to expand their capacity. Currently, we are working with some local schools in Dhading and Cavre district and also establishing community schools in these remote villages.



What you can do to support us

You can support us donating money for this project. Without your help, we cannot accomplish this challenging project. No support is too small. Running a school is not one-off job, instead it is a long-term project. So we need your recurring help and support. Your monthly donation of small amount could make a big difference. Here is how you can donate and support:


·       One-off donation

·       Regular monthly donation

·       Leave your Bequest/Legacy

·       Encourage your employer to donate and workplace fundraising

·       Fundraise for us in Fundraising sites (Just Giving, Give Now, Good2Give, Go fundraise)

·       Share our project appeal in your social sites (Facebook, twitter etc.) to raise more funds

Budget (to Establish and Running for Five Years) 


Establishing and running community schools is a long-term work. It takes time along with big amount of initial and day-to-day running costs. So without your support it is almost impossible to implement this life changing project.


Here we have summarized some costs which is useful to start with.

Initial Construction and Setup Costs

                                                       Cost Per Year ($)     Cost for 5 Years ($)       One-off Costs ($)

Purchase of Land                                                                                                                  75,000

School Building Construction                                                                                                60,000

Furniture                                                                                                                                20,000

Education Materials                                                                                                               15,000

Computer                                                                                                                               30,000

Library                                                                                                                                    40,000

Total Initial Costs                                                                                                                 240,000

Running Costs (For First 5 Years)

Teachers Salary                                             36,000                       180,000

Admin Staff Salary                                         15,000                          75,000

Office Expenses (Inc. Governing costs)           7,500                         37,500

Study Materials and Other Related Exp         15,000                          75,000

Running Costs (For First 5 Years)                                                                                       367,500

Grand Total                                                                                                                          607,500


This budget is to establish and running of a new school only. There will be extra costs to support and/or upgrade existing small school. So we believe this could be an extra $500,000 for first five years.

** Some pictures/video received from third party source 


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